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Rating of rent-to-own programs in Ontario, Canada: 14 programs to choose from.

In one of the previous posts, we discussed what is rent-to-own, its benefits and risks, who would benefit from it the most, and the steps for applying.

In this post, we rank rent-to-own programs available in Ontario, Canada to find the best rent-to-own programs.

For those wondering about what is a rent-to-own here is a quick refresher:

A rent-to-own is an alternative if you cannot get a mortgage today (either because of a low credit score or insufficient downpayment).

With rent-to-own, you rent a home for a certain amount of time, with the option to buy it before the lease expires. A rent-to-own arrangement is one in which you pay rent every month to the owner/landlord, just like you would as a tenant. However, with a rent-to-own program, a portion of the rent you pay goes towards your down payment for the future purchase. This amount is called rent credits. A rent-to-own program gives you the opportunity to grow your down payment while living in the home as if it was your own.

Here is the link to the previous, more detailed article about rent-to-own: What is Rent-to-Own? How does Rent-To-Own work in Canada?

Now, let's look at the list of rent-to-own programs in Ontario to compare their ratings on Google and Facebook and to check how many people follow them.

Rating of rent-to-own programs in Ontario, Canada

Rating of rent-to-own programs in Ontario. Best rent-to-own program in Ontario: #2 GTAHomeSource

#1 GTA Home Source (Bill Saini)

Google reviews: 4.9 stars · 98 reviews

Facebook reviews: 5.0 · 3 votes

Facebook page likes: 464

Founded: 2015

Bill Saini has been a Real Estate Broker for 10+ years. He is a multiple award-winning Real Estate Broker specializing in residential and commercial real estate. He has over 100 reviews on Google and Facebook with a high overall rating.

Bill describes his work and values as: "I am passionate about every aspect of the Real Estate Market and love what I do, and that is, to help my clients make great decisions.

I strongly believe in delivering first-class results. My track record demonstrates that I remain clearly focused on my client’s best interests and consistently go above and beyond to deliver above-average results. I naturally have a problem-solving mindset and am proactive.

My values are simple, I believe in honesty and integrity with every person that I interact with. I listen to my client’s needs in order to deliver the best outcome. I strive to ensure that the home buying and selling process is pleasurable, easy, and stress-free."


Rating of rent-to-own programs in Ontario. Best rent-to-own program in Ontario: #3 JAAG Properties

#2 JAAG Properties

Google reviews: 4.4 stars · 66 reviews

Facebook reviews: turned off

Facebook page likes: 1,097

Founded: 2014

JAAG Properties Inc. is a Canadian-based company providing real estate options for home buyers and investors with over 200 properties in rent-to-own agreements. 91 of those have already been moved to ownership.

JAAG Properties is dedicated to helping individuals work toward homeownership while providing exceptional investment opportunities for Investors. JAAG Properties offers solutions for individuals who may not currently qualify for a traditional mortgage.

The JAAG Properties team is made up of Real Estate Professionals, Brokers, Realtors, Lawyers, Credit Specialists, and Property Managers. We are based in Ontario, Canada, and currently have offices in Mississauga, Hamilton, and London.

JAAG Properties in an Approved Diamond Level Member with C.A.R.O.P. (Canadian Association of Rent to Own Professionals). C.A.R.O.P. is the collective voice of rent-to-own professionals across Canada who operate ethically and strive to create successful outcomes for their clients, their investors, and their programs.


Rating of rent-to-own programs in Ontario. Best rent-to-own program in Ontario: #1 Loans Canada

#3 Loans Canada

Google reviews: 4.4 stars · 81 reviews

Facebook reviews: 4.8 · 96 votes

Facebook page likes: 5,715

Founded: 2012

Founded in 2012, Loans Canada provides a wide array of services including Business Loans, Personal Loans, Car Loans, Insurance, Debt Relief program, Credit Monitoring, Home Equity Loans, Refinancing, Second Mortgages, and Rent-to-Own Program.

With such a vast array of services, Loan Canada established a strong presence in Canada with a big fan base on Facebook. It also manages to hold a high star rating for both Google and Facebook. However, we are placing it #3 as most of the great reviews stem from other financial products offered by Loans Canada. While we trust Loans Canada is doing an exceptional job in the rent-to-own area, the level of experience in this area is likely not as strong as for the other companies.


Rating of rent-to-own programs in Ontario. Best rent-to-own program in Ontario: #4 Clover Properties

#4 Clover Properties Rethink Rentals

Google reviews: 4.9 stars · 34 reviews

Facebook reviews: 5.0 · 2 votes

Facebook page likes: 302

Founded: 2009

Clover Properties is a family-run business that has been helping people get on the path to homeownership through their Rethink Renting rent to own program since 2009. Over that time they have counseled well over 5,000 people. Clover Properties have currently helped more than 500 families get on the path to homeownership.


Rating of rent-to-own programs in Ontario. Best rent-to-own program in Ontario: #5 Lez Gomez

#5 Mortgage Architects (Lez Gomez)

Google reviews: 4.9 stars · 15 reviews

Facebook reviews: 5.0 · 5 votes

Facebook page likes: 978

Founded: 2014

Lez has over 15 years of successful lending and underwriting experience, and with over 1000’s deals successfully financed, he promises to have a solution that will fit your personal situation. Lez’s extensive experience in the field enables him to identify how and where to position your mortgage within minutes of your conversation with him. Lez Gomez works with many lenders, meaning funding is available from a variety of sources, Banks, Private funds, commercial, second mortgages, land financing, debt consolidation.


Rating of rent-to-own programs in Ontario. Best rent-to-own program in Ontario: #6 SayNOtoRent

#6 Rent to own homes (

Google reviews: 4.8 stars · 39 reviews

Facebook reviews: none

Facebook page likes: 19

Founded: 2018

Rent to Own Homes states its goals and mission as the following:

Our goal is our goal – to help you become a homeowner.

Our mission is to turn as many renters into homeowners, as possible.

We are dedicated to your success and our mindset is to build long-lasting relationships with our clients – not just transactional-based. We strive to go above and beyond in every scenario and operate with transparency, trust, and honesty. Our values are very near and dear to us and we don’t compromise them for any dollar amount.

Rent to Own Homes does not have too many Facebook followers but enjoys a decent Google rating with 39 reviews.


#7 Rent2Own-Homes

Google reviews: 5.0 stars · 6 reviews

Facebook reviews: 3.0 · 2 votes

Facebook page likes: 545

Founded: 2018

Rent2Own-Homes states:

We are committed to helping families and individuals achieve their goals. Our number one focus is to financially educate our clients on what they need to do to achieve successful home-ownership. We deliver exceptional performance faster and better than anyone in the business so you can start living a better life sooner. We are dedicated to your success.


#8 Requity Homes

Google reviews: 5.0 stars · 7 reviews

Facebook reviews: none

Facebook page likes: 53

Founded: 2020

Requity states the following on their website:

At Requity Homes, we believe in the power of homeownership. Owning a home is so much more than just having a roof over your head. Its a place a to call your own, to raise a family, and to build wealth.

Yet, too many families find themselves on the outside looking in, feeling stuck renting. Rising home prices, stagnating wages, and tightening mortgage requirements have left many unable to achieve their homeownership dreams.

We started Requity Homes with just that problem in mind. We are creating an alternative path to homeownership to bridge that gap.


#9 Home Owner Soon HOS Financial

Google reviews: 4.6 stars · 10 reviews

Facebook reviews: none

Facebook page likes: Private Group (4 members)

Founded: 2005

Facebook page established: 2021

HOS Financial states on their website:

HOS Financial Inc, established in 2005, is Canada’s largest and most established Lease Purchase (Rent to Own) company. Our Rent to Own / Power of Sale Solutions are designed to help families achieve their financial goals when Traditional Mortgage products are not available due to things like


#10 Kachet

Google reviews: 3.2 stars · 9 reviews

Facebook reviews: none

Facebook page likes: 0

Founded: 2021

Kachet states on its website:

Kachet is a unique company in the financial services space, acting as the thread that connects your current financial state to your future financial state where you achieve your goals. We guide and support you in the development of a plan that really works, putting you in touch with the right professionals and services along the way.

We are a group of professionals, diverse in our experience and expertise which encompasses finance, business automation, and marketing. We are united in our vision to help people navigate their financial lives. Each of us has gone through our own set of challenges, and we’ve learned many lessons along the way. Now, we come together to offer a system that helps potential homeowners become successful homeowners.


#11 Red Door Home Solutions

Google reviews: none

Facebook reviews: none

Facebook page likes: 21

Founded: 2013

Red Door Home Solutions states on its website:

We are a Canadian real estate company offering housing solutions to make homeownership a reachable goal. Currently, we offer a rent-to-own homes program in Ontario, with future plans to serve other provinces.


#12 Rent To Own Canada (RTOC)

Google reviews: 2.2 stars · 13 reviews

Facebook reviews: 1.0 · 1 vote

Facebook page likes: 137

Founded: 2019

RTOC states on its website:

Our goal is to get our clients to get into a home as soon as possible, regardless of their credit score, and to give them the chance to be a homeowner in the near future.


#13 Rent-to-Own Solutions

Google reviews: none

Facebook reviews: none

Facebook page likes: 14

Founded: 2016

What does Rent-to-Own Solutions website say:

Rent-to-Own Solutions is a Canadian-based company with owners who were born and raised in this wonderful province of Ontario. It was created to help those who want to own a home and need some assistance, whether it be financing, down payment, or credit repair. We're here to find a solution to help you open more doors!


#14 Ontario Lending Solutions

Google reviews: none

Facebook reviews: none

Facebook page likes: 94

Founded: 2018

What does Ontario Lending Solutions website say:

Ontario Lending Solutions works as a collaborative team approach on each of our client’s files. Each file is reviewed by a team of experienced mortgage professionals. Our goal is to find and develop the best possible solution to our client’s immediate needs. Once financing is in place we will also meet with our client to discuss further financial planning.

Our objective is to become a key adviser to all of our client’s financial needs and to develop a financial plan that not only addresses the immediate need but also future financial needs for the entire family.


Disclaimer: The above rating of rent-to-own programs in Ontario is based on publicly available information, Google and Facebook ratings, and stats. The ratings are based on Google ratings, Facebook ratings, number of followers, years in business, website appeal and informativeness, and the proportion of negative reviews (1 or 2 stars) among the total number of reviews.

While we read through most of the comments from Google reviews, we cannot tell if they are honest or fake. Before engaging in any contracts with any of the above companies please read about the risks in our previous post: What is Rent-to-Own? How does Rent-To-Own work in Canada? and make sure to do your due diligence and contact a lawyer to help with the contracts.

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