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Thank you for visiting my website. Please do not hesitate to contact me even if you just have a question

about mortgage application process, real estate market, or real estate investing. 

I am passionate about real estate and real estate investing in general, with experience on both owning and investing sides. With the real estate knowledge I accumulated, I am eager to help people in Ontario to own the house of their dream sooner while achieving their financial goals. I love assisting people in realizing the investment opportunities offered to them through homeownership. My favourite part of being a Mortgage Agent is helping people achieve their financial goals:

  • Lowering their monthly payments.

  • Paying less in interest.

  • Buying a bigger place.

  • Tapping into your home equity to improve your standard of living.

  •  Using your home equity to invest. 


My goals are 1) to consistently provide outstanding service; 2) fully analyze and understand your financial situation and goals (short-term and long-term); 3) to work with you to identify mortgage options that fit your situation and goals, and 4) to support you until the mortgage transaction is complete. 

Gleb Cherenkov, Mortgage Agent

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Pegasus Mortgage Lending Center Inc.

FSRA Lic # 11479 | Agent Lic # M22001614


To match lenders and homeowners in Ontario by analyzing their financial situation, and consulting on the best mortgage solutions to help them achieve their housing and financial goals.



To help people in Ontario enjoy their homes with the less financial burden



  • Build expertise in the mortgage world

  • Achieve a strong reputation as a trustworthy and knowledgeable agent

  • Have our customers happy enough to want to recommend our services to friends and family

  • Build a large base of customers who love working with us

  • Always communicate clearly, explain and educate about real estate and mortgages.



  • Honesty to our partners and clients. No hidden stuff.

  • The client comes first. Secure best deals for the client. We aim to help them first, then everybody else.

  • Take client issues seriously. Aim to help resolve them to take them to the goal of homeownership.

  • Attention to detail is key in real estate, so it is crucial for us.


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