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Why use a mortgage agent?
  • It is a financially cruel world. We, regular families and individuals, are small fish in the financial ocean. This ocean is ruled by sharks and other ocean monsters: financial institutions, government institutions, investment companies, and real estate developers.​

  • Home prices are increasing. We are on the hook to borrow hundreds of thousands of dollars, having to pay off the debt over a good chunk of our lives, taking many people till retirement to completely pay off the debt. Over the mortgage life, we have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest, sometimes paying 1.5 to 2 times the home price to the bank.

  • Our objective is to help you navigate this cruel ocean while getting what you want, paying as little as possible in interest, and doing well financially to live the life you deserve.

  • We can help you achieve your financial goals, be it by lowering your monthly payments or paying less in interest, consolidating your debts, or buying a bigger place. We will help you buy a second/vacation property, tap into your home equity to improve your standard of living (reverse mortgage), or use your home equity to invest.

  • We provide consultation and education. Indeed, homeownership comes with a mortgage that you have to pay over 20-30 years. However, owning a property also has its benefits: you own a place of your own. Also, you build your equity as you pay off the mortgage, and your property appreciates in value. You can even access the equity in your property to consolidate debts in difficult times or invest it to get extra income.  

  • To summarize, my goal is to completely analyze your financial situation, understand your goals, discuss and consult on your real estate and financial plans and work out the best solution.

Benefits of using a mortgage broker:


#1. Access to more lenders.

You can call a mortgage broker a "one-stop-shop for mortgages". If you are obtaining a mortgage through your preferred bank, you are limited to the options they have at the moment. When you work with a mortgage broker, they give you access to rates from many different lenders of different shapes and sizes: major banks, credit unions, and trust companies. If you’d prefer the security of getting a mortgage from a big bank, a mortgage broker can still set you up with one. Also, if you struggle to obtain a mortgage from one of the big banks or have issues paying the monthly mortgage payments, mortgage agents are the ones who can help. They usually have access to secondary mortgage institutions and private investors and can help arrange for a short-term second mortgage that you would not otherwise be able to obtain through a bank to help in tough times

#2. Better rates.

Good mortgage brokers will receive volume discounts from major lenders. That helps them secure a mortgage rate for you that is lower than you’d be able to negotiate yourself, even from the same big bank. Also, they screen the rates from other financial market players: smaller banks, trade unions, etc., and can get you a rate no big bank provides.

#3. No cost for you.

Mortgage brokers and agents are compensated by a lender (bank or other financial institution) for bringing them a new client. This way, the financial institutions save money on marketing and finding clients themselves. Also, a mortgage agent performs the important task of qualifying a client for this specific bank's minimum requirements. If the mortgage agent fails to do so a few times, the bank is likely to stop working with the agent.

#4. You get free expert advice.

Since brokers are independent and don’t work for individual lenders, they can offer advice on a broad range of lenders. Mortgage brokers are the experts at what they do and are accustomed to working with borrowers who may have unique needs, including freelancers or those with poor credit ratings.

#5. Mortgage broker will look after you and do most of the work.

It is in the best interest of a mortgage broker to get you the mortgage or refinancing you need since they are only paid when you get the mortgage. Thus, they will connect you with their layers, help you collect all the papers for submission to a bank, will connect with you frequently for any outstanding items, and speed up the process of the mortgage contract creation.

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